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A security agent can work for private companies or public institutions and is in charge of the surveillance of properties and goods. He has to make sure that the premises are secured and then there is no trespassing. Furthermore, they have to monitor the people coming in or going out of the building and have to intervene in extreme situations, for example if they work in banks and a robbery is under way. The resume should portray you as a courageous individual capable of acting fast and efficient in dangerous situations. You should mention all the previous work experience which might be relevant for the current employer and you should emphasize on abilities such as physical strength, attention to details, and capability of reacting fast to unpredictable situations.

Security Agent Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Michael Dean
Birth date: 11.12.1984
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Driver's License: Yes


The Security Agent is the person that ensures the safety of a person or of an entire building by keeping an eye on all the motion occurring around the protected person/building and by making sure that nothing can harm these.


It is my objective to become a Security agent at your company. I will help your visitors feel safe at the premises and I will increase their trust in your security department.


Trained to protect and very attentive person, I am sure that if I will be accepted as a security agent in your company I will deal with all the security problems that appear in the best way possible.

Qualities and Skills

  • Physically fit
  • Stress resistance and motivated individual, capable of working long periods of time
  • Responsibility, ambition, integrity and discipline are some of my qualities
  • Knowing the current legislation regarding the security of buildings
Work Experience

Security Agent at Petrol Company,

Duties and responsibilities

  • Assuring the security according to the beneficiary requirements
  • Knowing and respecting the security laws
  • Knowing and respecting the beneficiary working procedures regarding security
  • Inspecting all the areas of the company a couple of times each day
  • Checking the locks and the windows to see if they are closed before leaving

Training classes for security agent at Training school in Florida


Dealt with security problems and solved them easily
Intervened when trespassing occurred and escorted the individuals out of the building without any problems occurring

Areas of interest



Andrew Bean,
Security manager,
Petrol Company, California

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