All Source Intelligence Analyst Resume

In order to help you apply for the All Source Intelligence Analyst position, we will offer you, in this article, essential details about the qualifications that one must possess so that he/she performs this sort of activity and the tasks that must be accomplished when working in this domain. We will also give you some advice on how to write an attractive resume along with an example of a resume.

The All Source Intelligence Analyst is an individual who works for different types of institutions like CIA, US Army, FBI or NSA that are responsible for the country's safety. The All Source Intelligence Analysts work in teams that belong to these institutions where they have to receive data and analyze them in order to prepare plans that must prevent crime and events that may endanger the country's safety. The All Source Intelligence Analysts' work is complex and requires excellent analytical abilities. They receive data from different sources that concern a large range of domains from industry, geography, country's development to politics and economy and organize them in order to obtain a complex image of the events. This stage gives them the opportunity prepare an estimation of the course of actions. They must collaborate with the intelligence analysis team and participate to team meetings that are meant to put together the information. The All Source Intelligence Analysts must be able to prepare written and oral presentations of their activity and of the analysis results. Taking into account the fact that the All Source Intelligence Analysts work with data that concerns the country's safety, they must keep secret their work. They must also have to pass a strict examination before obtaining this job and to provide a clean criminal background file.

The All Source Intelligence Analyst position requires a lot of responsibility and the capacity to work under pressure. It is also important to be able to do good research work and analysis activities due to the fact that this position requires data interpretation on a daily basis. Strong computer knowledge especially Word and Power Point are an essential when performing this sort of activity. If you want to prepare a good resume, make sure that you include all these things along with some details about the education that you possess.

All Source Intelligence Analyst Resume Sample

Personal information

Name: Dana Harbor
Birth date: 11.12.1980
Address: London Street, Washington
Driver's License : Yes


Looking for an All Source Intelligence Analyst position in a national defense institution where I can use my skills and qualifications to effectively bring down the crime rate of the country.


I am an enthusiastic and responsible All Source Intelligence Analyst with excellent analytical abilities and crime prevention knowledge.

Skills and qualifications

  • Details-oriented and focused
  • Problem solver and able to multi-tasking
  • Excellent communication abilities, written and verbal
  • Computer knowledge

Work experience

All Source Intelligence Analyst at the Federal Bureau o Investigation in Washington (2004-present)
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Receive data and organize them
  • Analyze the data and prepare a written and oral report of the analysis interpretation
  • Participate in team meetings

Education and training

Bachelor's diploma in Crime Prevention at the University of Washington
Intelligence Analysis training at the Federal Bureau o Investigation in Washington


Always done my job in a responsible manner

Areas of interest

Crime Prevention
National Defense


References upon request

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