Grocery Clerk Resume

Grocery Clerks are in charge of providing high quality customer services and of ensuring that all the products are properly received, stored and displayed. Their main duties range from keeping maintenance within the grocery store to handling payments and arranging the goods on the shelves. A good Grocery Clerk must be able to establish efficient interpersonal relationships with the other clerks and the customers must have excellent manners and the ability to identify and meet the customers' needs. The position is normally considered an entry level one but the employment outlook and advancement prospects are very good. For those who like working with people this can turn out to be a very pleasant and rewarding activity.

The position of a Grocery Clerk requires excellent customer services and experience in food and nutrition. Therefore, when writing a resume for such a position it is important to highlight the sections referring to previous working experience as well as personal and professional competencies. Mention all the core competencies as well as the ones developed during previous employment.

Grocery Clerk Resume Sample

Contact information

Name: Jared Martin
Address: Wisteria Lane Street, New York
Birth date: 31.04.1978
Marital Status: Married
Children: One
Driver's License: B category, 1998


From my point of view, a Grocery Clerk is responsible for handling a series of clerical and customer service operations.


I am looking for a position as a Grocery Clerk, where I can use my skills and experience in working with people in order to provide high quality customer services.


Enthusiastic, open minded and responsible Grocery Clerk, with excellent interpersonal skills, positive attitude and attention to details I am looking forward to becoming a member of your team.

Skills and qualifications

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Highly organized;
  • Able to work with the cash register;
  • Basic math and bookkeeping knowledge;
  • Telephone manner;
  • Outstanding customer services;
  • Polite and patient;
  • Excellent physical condition;
  • Multi tasking abilities;

Work experience

Grocery Clerk,
Arlene's Grocery, 2006-present

Duties and responsibilities

  • Greeting customers;
  • Handling financial transactions;
  • Operating the cash register;
  • Helping customers find the merchandise they are looking for;
  • Receiving, properly storing and evaluating the products;
  • Handling invoices, bills and other financial paperwork;
  • Performing inventory;
  • Arranging products on shelves;
  • Checking the expiration date on goods;
  • Helping customer put their products within the bag;
  • Solving customers' complaints and handling arising conflicts;
  • Keeping maintenance within the grocery;
  • Establishing positive relationships with other staff members, customers and suppliers;
  • Responding to the customers' inquires.

Bakery Clerk,
Magnolia Bakery, 2000-2006

Duties and responsibilities

  • Meeting the customers' needs and expectations;
  • Greeting and entertaining customers;
  • Displaying pastries products;
  • Packing, pricing and selling bakery products;
  • Ensuring compliance with safety and health standards and regulations;
  • Ensuring that all the products are safe and in good shape;
  • Delivering goods to restaurants and retail outlets.

Education and training

Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, Pace University
Certified Journey Baker Degree

Achievements and affiliations

Member of the National Grocers Association

Areas of interest

Food and Nutrition


References available upon request

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