Auction Coordinator Resume

The Auction Coordinator is in charge of selling different objects at organized public events, to be more specific, at public auctions. This coordinator is in charge of organizing and coordinating the whole auction procedure. They auction coordinators have to speak very quickly by using a specific lingo. This specific language is used to fasten the whole auction procedure. These coordinators are also in charge of pricing the items that they have to sell. They decide an estimated starter value, which increases during the bid.

When writing your resume for the position of an Auction Coordinator, you will have to mention your professional experience, especially if it was in a similar field to this. Enumerate your experiences, the period when you worked there and the most important duties and responsibilities that you performed there. Mention your personal qualities too, such as your broad knowledge of auction lingo, your excellent communication skills or your experience in the auction area.

Auction Coordinator Resume Sample

Personal Details:

Name: Marcus Lewis
Date of birth: 13.07.1974
Address: 72651 White Creek Street, Montgomery, AL, USA
Phone: 311- 856- 9805
Marital status: married
Children: three


The Auction Coordinator is responsible for selling different antique objects, while speaking fast in a strange and auction specific slang.


Looking for a challenging position as an Auction Coordinator

Qualities and Skills:

  • Experience in this field
  • Knowledge of the auction lingo
  • Great communication skills
  • Attentive to details
  • Good computers skills
  • Great team worker
  • Knowledge of ancient objects

Work Experience:

Auction Coordinator, 2007 to present
Golden Treasure Foundation, Montgomery, AL
Duties and responsibilities

  • Maintained the phone calls of the clients
  • Analyzed the objects for the auction
  • Made price estimations for the objects
  • Coordinated the transportation of fragile objects
  • Maintained the record of each item
  • Communicated with the members of the staff

Auction Coordinator, 2002 - 2007
Silver Plate Foundation, Montgomery, AL
Duties and responsibilities

  • Coordinated the transportation of all objects
  • Ensured the safe stocking of every piece of item
  • Maintained the relationship with the clients
  • Created a database for the objects
  • Coordinated the auction
  • Ensured that during the auction everything is going as scheduled


Bachelor`s Degree in Public Administration, Silver College, Montgomery, AL


Certified Auctioneer, 2007, Center of Certificates, Montgomery, AL

Areas of Interest:

Business, public relations, ancient history, relics


Available upon request

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