Domestic Violence Counselor Resume

The Domestic Violence Counselor is the person dealing with people who have been abused by other members of their family. This abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual. It is the Domestic Violence Counselor's duty to provide therapy to these victims and help them surpass the trauma that has been inflicted upon them. The counselor has to create a safe space for the victims in whom these can feel comfortable enough to provide details of the abuse to which they were subjected and to make the patients accept and cope with the situation.

In order to apply for this position, you have to write a resume in which to highlight all your strong points. The educational background together with the professional experience represents the key to obtaining the job. If you are an expert in domestic violence and you have managed to help multiple victims overcome their fears, you are an apt candidate for the available position.

Domestic Violence Counselor Resume Sample

Name: Felicia Andrews
Address: 5th Pebbles Street, Washington DC
Phone Number: 555-985 3347
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Divorced


The Domestic Violence Counselor provides therapy to victims of domestic abuse in order to help them overcome their traumatic experience and recover their lives.


Seeking a position as a Domestic Violence Counselor. It is my objective to help people who have been abused by making them understand that the incident was not their fault and that they need to find the strength in them to go on with their lives.


Highly trained Domestic Violence Counselor, with extensive knowledge of human psychology and experience in providing therapy to victims of domestic violence, I consider myself capable of performing perfectly the duties that come with the job.

Skills and abilities:

  • Communication skills
  • Great listener
  • Compassionate person
  • Knowledge of human psychology

Work Experience

Domestic Violence Counselor
Domestic Violence Agency
Washington DC, 2003-2010

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Provided individual and group therapy to victims of domestic abuse
  • Made the victims feel comfortable talking about the incident
  • Allowed the patients to freely express their feeling about what had happen to them: whether it was fear, anger, or weakness
  • Assessing the high level of trauma inflicted upon the victim
  • Kept under supervision the patients that were showing signs of instability to make sure that they won't inflict any pain upon themselves


Bachelor's degree in Human Behavior and Family Studies, University of Washington
Master's degree in Domestic Violence Studies, University of Washington


Dr. Mathew Johnson
Domestic Violence Agency

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