Elementary School Counselor Resume

The elementary school counselor is a person who has a high level of studies in psychology, child behavior or other related domains and who works in an elementary school. The elementary school counselors' job is to support the students in their daily academic activities, help them improve their school performances and make them understand which are the domains that may interest them. They prepare individual or group sessions where children can work and discover which are the skills that they possess. This way, elementary school counselors can guide students to discover the areas that interest them and prepare them for a future career. The elementary school counselors' job also includes developing social skills at their students which will help them to adjust to the social situations. The elementary school counselors establish a counseling program based on the national school counseling curriculum and the schools' individual needs. They have to collaborate with parents, teachers and other staff members for a unit counseling and educational program. It is important that the elementary school counselor understands children's needs and their development stages in order to help them in an efficient way.

The elementary school counselor position requires skills like excellent communication abilities, patience or the capacity to observe and analyze the students' behavior. It is also a must to possess excellent counseling techniques because you have an important part in the developing of young children. Taking into account that this position requires a constant collaboration with the parents and the teachers, an orderly work manner is a great plus. All these things must be mentioned in your resume. In the lines bellow, we offer you a sample resume.

Elementary School Counselor Resume Sample

Personal information:

Name: Alice Ferguson
Birth date: 14.08.1980
Address: Bolton Street, Portland, Oregon
Nationality: American
E-mail: aliceferguson@hmail.com
Marital Status: Yes
Driver's License: Yes

Job Objective:

Looking for an Elementary School Counselor position in a school in Portland where I can use my skills and knowledge in order to help the students.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Determination, dedication, devotion and discipline
  • Focused mind and sense of responsibility
  • Good observation and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Love for working with children

Work experience:

Elementary School Counselor at St. Ana Private School in Portland (2005-present)
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Organizing individual or group counseling sessions
  • Observing students' reactions and keeping a strict and clear observatory file about each student
  • Collaborating with the parents and teachers
  • Assisting the students on their academic activity and helping them improve their grades
  • Preparing a report about the students' progress

Education and training:

Master's diploma in School Counseling at the University of Oregon
Bachelor's diploma in Psychology at the University of Oregon


Offered good assistance to all the students and collaborated in an excellent way with the parents

Areas of interest:

School Counseling


References upon request

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