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Some of the most important aspects when considering a position as an Interaction Designer are the abilities of working within a team at organized workshops as well as having a user focused mentality. You will have to concentrate on focusing on the companies design as well as end-user strategy, or to put it in more plain terms, you will have to focus on obtaining possibly a position which shares your views on Interaction Designer. Another key element which must be considered when applying for this job is to have a solid background in human computer interaction, design, fine arts as well as information technology. To give you a small glimpse at the "ideal" candidate, read the below.

Interaction Designer Resume Sample

Contact information:

Name: Josh Robinson
Address: 123 Likelihood Street
Marital Status: Single
Birth Date: 04.06.1976


As far as my experience in the field of Interaction Design goes, the position is highly important as it indirectly offers the customer or the end-user the company's views on their product/ user relationship.


I am seeking to obtain a position as an Interaction Designer at a company or corporation which keeps its Interaction Design as a key component in their marketing strategy as well as in the process of developing new products for a wide variety of markets.


Motivated and focused Interaction Designer with extensive experience in the field as well as a solid background in Interaction Design.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Focused on achieving my goals as well as working in a customer focused environment
  • Hard working and motivated
  • Extensive experience in the field
  • Skilled in using a wide array of applications required
  • Good team player
  • Work well in any environment

Work Experience:

Interaction Designer, Lakeside Design, 1995-present
Duties and responsibilities

  • Identify as well as develop marketing strategies for a number of companies
  • Design user interfaces for a wide array of applications
  • Develop and design for top companies in the NY area
  • Work with the product and design teams of the company


Master's Degree in Human Computer Interaction, NYU
Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and Design, NYU

Achievements and affiliations:

Participated in the development of over 100 projects

Area of interest:

Interaction Design


May be obtained upon request

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