Developer Resume

Developer ResumeDeveloper is someone whose job is to create new ideas and products that are easy to use and beneficial in the long run. Developers are the professionals who work in a software field and develop user-friendly software for their clients. They also work towards bringing new changes in the software world through their innovative and creative thinking. They can also be web developers who build websites that are attractive as well as product oriented, or as per their clients specifications. People involved in buying lands with an intention to build and sell new building and making profits from it are also called as developers.

Sometimes, when an employer receives two resumes featuring same qualifications and experiences, the resume which has communicated information most precisely gets a call for an interview. The resumes which are rejected are often misconceived to faith by those not receiving a call from the employer. Maybe they are unaware about the importance of resume or simply don't have the art of writing it. Hence, you should not hide away from the fact that others also possess the same qualifications and experience similar to yours. The difference that will make in getting you an interview offer is how effective you have communicated your talents in your resume.

As a developer, you are not required to write a lengthy resume. Resumes that are more than two pages are often kept aside by the readers either to read it later or they just don't have the time to read it. The best answer to avoid this is to ask yourself 'what, as an employer, you would like to read in a developer's resume'. You will immediately get an answer that you would prefer to know what qualities the candidate possesses. Is he/she worth calling for an interview? Has he/she the required skills and qualifications?

Finding answers to these questions will help you to write a resume that will yield a call from the employer for an interview. Remember, two pages resume is enough to communicate your capability to the reader. In addition, the reader will find it easy to read and complete it in lesser time. Just highlight your key strengths, but not go overboard that may create an impression of arrogance. Format your developer resume that shows the reader you have it in you all that is required to become a developer.

Developer Job Description

  • Understand and plan the outline of the project from the instructions given by clients
  • Identify the end user and design the project through proper coding
  • Provide technical support for project's end users
  • Find ways and means in solving problems faced during the project
  • Communicate with the team working on the project and ensure the team follows the same mode of communication during the project
  • Consider client's budget and build the product accordingly
  • Provide continuous solutions to clients for problems encountered in using the product
  • Build the project in compatible the existing system of the client
  • Find out ways and means of implementing new technologies in building the project

Developer qualifications

To become a developer, your logical and analytical skills should be exceptional. You must be proficient with all the programming languages used in developing software. It will also depend on the type of project undertaken by the employer. If applying for a web developer's job, you should have a good hand in Java programming as most of the dynamic websites are built with the help of Java. Other projects may demand good skills in C, C++, Oracle and other languages. Anyway, a degree in computer science is the basic required qualification for a web developer position.

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