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The present article covers, in part one, information related to the job position entitled C#.Net Developer. Things like job duties and responsibilities, examples, job description, as well as skills and qualities are covered while in the second part of the article a C#.Net Developer Resume Sample is provided so you can use it to create your own C#.Net Developer resume.

The C#.Net Developer is the individual in a company responsible for creating, maintaining, applying and implementing Java C# based codes, scripts and other various things for both the company needs and the company clients. A C#.Net Developer should be familiar with at least several computer programming languages such as: Java Script, C++, C# (or C Sharp), HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, .NET Framework Environment and even Python. The C#.Net Developer should also be familiar with at least basic use of operating systems such as Linux or Windows and must have advanced skills in database use such as MYSQL or Oracle. The C#.Net Developer will be focusing on providing codes, scripts or software written in a combination of Java and C++ computer programming languages since C Sharp (C#) is a derivation from C++ or commonly called plain C. The language Java is basically a script programming language used for developing scripts, automated tasks and functionality and other various purposes thus the name commonly known as Java Scripting. While Java deals mainly with scripting, C or C++ / C# is used in a wider variety of things from basic building blocks of software to full use of the particular software through smart and quality codes in this language. So a combination of both will ensure a high quality work thus making the company/customer very happy and ensuring a good Customer Service. Also a combination of .NET Framework Environment is used alongside Java C Sharp (C#). The C#.Net Developer should be able to work both individually or in a team, must have good communication skills both oral and written and excellent interpersonal skills.

When making your own C#.Net Developer Resume be sure to include previous work experience, any (if any) freelance activities and projects you might have done or been a part of during that period, as well as any knowledge / skills or qualities you might have that would make you qualified for this job position.

C#.Net Developer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Octavia Rivera
Birth date: 5.1.1978
E-mail address: Octavia.Rivera@example.com
Phone Number: (578) 555-5143
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Children: Yes, one
Driver's License: Yes, B Category


Seeking a C#.Net Developer job position in a reputable company where I can put my developer skills to work and produce high quality work for both clients and my employer.


Job devoted individual, excellent developing skills, eager to start work within a respectable and professional company both individually or part of a development team to produce good quality work

Qualities and Skills

  • Excellent ability to analyze and organize
  • Proficient in the use of various operating systems like Linux or Windows
  • Proficient in the use of specific developer software and tools
  • Experience in working with databases of various types for example Oracle or MYSQL
  • Vast experience in several computer programming languages, including XML, CSS, HTML, PHP, PYTHON, JAVA and C++
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work both individually and part of a team of developers
  • Good communication skills both oral and written as well as great interpersonal skills

Work Experience

C#.Net Developer at Microsoft, New York, NY

Duties and responsibilities

  • Provided excellent Customer Service on a regular basis
  • Ensured bug free codes, scripts and software by fixing problems both individually and with a team
  • Coordinated various developers with their specific tasks in various projects
  • Successfully satisfied customer needs, issues and queries
  • Developed several codes, scripts and software in Java C Sharp as well as other programming languages
  • Monitored effectiveness of implemented solutions to various problems over various periods of time


B.S. Degree in Electronics, New York College, NY
M.S. Degree in Computer Science, New York University, NY


Jim James
Senior C#.Net Developer,
Microsoft, New York, NY

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