COBOL Developer Resume

The applicant will discover details about the qualifications and abilities required in this line of work. Before applying to this type of job, you first need to know what are the hiring company's expectations and professional demands. The last part of this article will offer some pointers on ways to create a very organized, structured and professional resume.

A COBOL developer is in charge of developing computer programs with the use of COBOL which stands for common business-oriented language. In order to work as a COBOL programmer, one needs a degree in a computer related field. These developers must have good problem solving skills, analytical thinking and the ability to implement software concepts using COBOL. These individuals must follow strict tables and schemes developed by engineers in order to create successful programs and systems. They are also in charge of verification methods to make sure the programs are functioning accurately.

When creating a resume, you must keep in mind that the one who is reading it will form a general opinion. You must draft a very professional and well organized resume so you can increase your chances at getting contacted for a job interview. Add details about your previous jobs and mention what duties you undertook while working for that company. Employers are also searching to see if you possess any extra degrees or training programs. So if you have any, add them as well. Keep in mind that this curriculum is just a model.

COBOL Developer Resume Sample

Contact information:

Name: Vernon Sky
Address:Crow Street, Las Vegas
Birth date: 22.10.1977
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: One
Driver's License: Yes


A COBOL developer is in charge of creating programs and systems with the use of COBOL language. These developers must be very goal-oriented and they must also make sure that the programs and application are functioning properly.


I am looking for a position as a COBOL developer, where I can offer my abilities and competences in this domain, to ensure the accurate implementation and development of programs and applications.


I am very motivated, masterful in dealing with COBOL tools and software and very efficient in my line of work. I wish to have the chance to become a part of your company, where I can develop its success and solid reputation.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Vast experience regarding the use of COBOL languages
  • A fast leaner
  • Good time management skills
  • Very determined to achieve my goals
  • Very dynamic
  • Good team spirit
  • Able to make decisions
  • A good organizer

Work experience:

COBOL Developer, May 2008 Present
Farvex Corporation, Las Vegas
Duties and responsibilities

  • Made design recommendations
  • Introduced codes
  • Managed the decoding aspects
  • Developed COBOL applications
  • Offered feedback
  • Modified applications to ensure the best quality
  • Performed tests


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Sony University, Las Vegas
Certified courses in IT programming languages


Implemented successful COBOL programs in various business industries

Areas of interest:



References available upon request

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