Curriculum Developer Resume

The Curriculum Developer may work in various places from schools and colleges to private learning institutions or even companies that provide their employees with trainings in different areas of activity. According to the institution where the Curriculum Developers work, they have different kinds of responsibilities. For example, if the Curriculum Developers works in schools, they must be able to prepare a new curriculum based on the national program established by the education ministry and on the needs that the students manifest. This means, that they must have excellent knowledge of the teaching methods and of the information that they must transmit to their students.

Taking into account their particularities, meaning intellectual development or special needs, the Curriculum Developer add new information and specific teaching methods to the national curriculum. If the Curriculum Developers work for companies or private learning centers, they must prepare a specialized curriculum that responds to specific needs of the learners. For example, they may have to create a curriculum for the economic domain learning. In either case, the Curriculum Developers must consult specialty literature, use a variety of materials and possess excellent knowledge of the domain that they are going to be working in.

In case you want a job as a Curriculum Developer, it is a must to possess excellent teaching skills and communication abilities because you will be working with students and you will have to make them learn. It is also important to be creative and have a good research technique. A good preparation in education or other related field is an advantage along a prior experience as a Curriculum Developer. Mention all these things in your resume along with the reason why you think you are suitable for the position.

Curriculum Developer Resume Sample

Personal information:

Name: Lance Archer
Birth date: 08.08.1986
Address: Archibald Street, Oklahoma City
Driver's License: Yes


I love my work because I have the chance to work with people who want to learn new things. I have to identify their needs and find the best ways to offer them the information that they require.


Seeking for a Curriculum Developer position in a company where I can use my French knowledge and my teaching abilities.


I am an energetic, optimistic and hard working Curriculum Developer eager to work in your company so I can fully develop my teaching abilities.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Orderly, patient and communicative
  • Love to work with people
  • Excellent research knowledge
  • Able to motivate others
  • Analytical
  • Excellent French knowledge

Work experience:

Curriculum Developer at Smart Lightning Company in Oklahoma City (2008-present)
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Talk to the company manager and see what is their expectations
  • Do research work and gather materials for the curriculum
  • Distribute the materials to all the students
  • See if the curriculum responds to the students' needs and adjust it in case of need
  • Evaluate the students' activity

Education and training:

Master's diploma in FLE at the University of Oklahoma
Bachelor's diploma in French Language and Literature at the University of Oklahoma


Offered quality services to my students

Areas of interest:

French Literature and Language


References upon request

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