Piping Engineer Resume

This article is meant educate you about the position of Piping Engineer position. In these lines you will find some things and tips that will help you to obtain such a job.

The Piping Engineer is a pipe designer as well as a pipe implementer individual, meaning that he will oversee, if not even implement himself, the particular piece or section of pipe into the piping infrastructure. When making a Piping Engineer Resume, be aware of the following tips since they vastly improve your chances of actually getting the job: mention your previous work experience, duties and responsibilities you had, share your opinion about the job and emphasize the skills and qualities you have and think would be a bonus in helping accomplishing your job. Do not forget, this info has to be a guideline for you, not a substitute for the actual resume.

Piping Engineer Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Brian Grand
Address: University Avenue, no.11, New York
E-mail: brian.grand@example.com
Phone number: (893) 570 - 9148
Birth date: 17.10.1978
Marital Status: Married
Children: Two
Driver's License: Yes, B category, 2000


I am looking for a position as a Piping Engineer because I have experience in this field. I have computer and specific piping related software knowledge and this will make my work easier.


I am a hard working individual with experience in this domain and I am willing to work in a company where I can use my knowledge and skills in the company's benefit but also in my benefit.

Qualities and Skills:

  • Open minded;
  • Creative;
  • Organized;
  • Resistant to stress, able to focus for a long time on specific tasks;
  • Ability to work in a team but also individually;
  • Sketching ability but also I am familiar with the digital programs that help developing the sketches;
  • Very capable of coordinating and supervising several teams of workers;
  • Ability to ensure quality work according to given schedule or specifications;
  • Amazing problem solving ability;
  • Excellent negotiation skills;
  • Devoted;
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written;
  • Excellent Customer Service.

Work Experience:

Piping Designer at Inter Conti Enterprise,
New York, June 2001-January 2004;

Piping Designer at ReNu Piping,
New York, February 2004-November 2007;

Piping Designer at Piping Expert,
New York, December 2007-May 2011.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Created several types of pipes according to customers' needs;
  • Modified and upgraded existing designs;
  • Kept detailed reports regarding stress levels and when necessary made assessments and recommendations to fellow Engineers regarding issues;
  • Monitored and implemented various solutions to counteract the effects of stress on the pipes;
  • Monitored implemented solutions for a lengthy period of time to ensure overall effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Ensured proper safety protocols are implemented and respected regarding issues;
  • Fulfilled job duties and responsibilities effective and qualitatively.


Bachelor's Degree in Engineering at New York University, New York
Master's Degree in Engineering at New York University, New York


Lucian Rough,
Human Resources Director
Inter Conti Enterprise, New York

Chriss Royal,
Human Resources Director
ReNu Piping, New York

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