Cardiac ICU Nurse Resume

The Cardiac ICU Nurse works in hospitals or other medical care facilities in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) where they usually take care of the patients who have severe cardiac diseases. The Cardiac ICU Nurses work with patients who must suffer a surgical heart intervention or who are recovering after a heart surgery. They must offer a special attention to their patients due to the nature of the health problems that affect them. They must run tests and keep them under strict surveillance in order to prepare them for the heart operation. Their patients can suffer heart transplants, bypass interventions or any type of treatment for the illness that affects the heart's functioning. The Cardiac Nurses are also responsible for taking care of the patients after their surgery. They must follow the practitioner's orders and administrate the proper treatments. Taking into consideration the patient's evolution, the Cardiac ICU Nurses decide if there should be changes in the medication or not. The Cardiac ICU Nurses role is moreover important because they not only have to offer medical care to their patients, but they offer emotional support and understanding to their patients and the patients' families. They must act as a source of information for those who need to know how to help their ill family member.

In case you consider applying for this position, make sure that you prepare a good resume. In order to do that, point out the skills those make you suitable for the position such as an excellent physical condition and the capacity to handle stressful situation. The ability to solve problems and to work independently is also important. A registered nurse certification is obligatory and a specialization in Cardiac Intensive Care assistance.

Cardiac ICU Nurse Resume Sample

Personal information

Name: Maria Alfredson
Birth date: 21.09.1980
Address: Fairfax Street, Austin, Texas
Driver's License: Yes


I believe that my work requires a lot of attention and understanding for our patients and their families. We must insure that all our patients receive an excellent medical care taking into account their delicate health condition.


Seeking for a Cardiac ICU Nurse position in a hospital where I can use my skills and work experience for the patients' recovery.


Optimistic, dynamic and responsible Cardiac ICU Nurse with excellent communication skills eager to be a part of your medical team

Skills and qualifications

  • Orderly, focused and hard working
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Analytical and good observer

Work experience

Cardiac ICU Nurse at the Providence Medical Center in Austin (2006-present)
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Prepare the medical equipment and check if it functions properly
  • Take blood samples, make x-rays
  • Offer information about the illness and the recovering ways
  • Collaborate with the practitioner and follow his instructions in the treatment administration
  • Talk to the patients' families and teach them how to help the ill family member

Education and training

Bachelor's diploma in Nursery at the University of Texas
Registered Nurse certification
Cardiac Nursery Certification at the University of Texas


Took good care of all my patients

Areas of interest

Cardiac Care


References upon request

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