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Community Nurses are Registered Nurses who typically work in Community Health centers, in public institutions like schools and workplaces. Their role is triple. Firstly, they provide specific nursing care to patients of many kinds and ages, with special focus on the ones at risk from a community healthcare point of view. Secondly, they collect health data from and supply health information to the communities they work with. And thirdly, they act like patient and resilient educators.

Community Nurses are supposed to have a rather analytical approach to nursing and healthcare matters. A Community Nurse is likely to interact with many different kinds of patients by providing care, but this is not really the best choice for nurses who would like to enlarge their clinical experience. Their work is not that much clinical procedure-oriented, but consists a lot of efficiently distributing education and accurate management of paperwork. Community Nurses are fully expected to be able to work both individually and in a team, since when they assess the impact of healthcare plans on a neighborhood, as well as when they design the improvements to a specific healthcare plan, they have to work in multidisciplinary teams but when it comes to implementing those, they have to convince many kinds of people, by themselves. This job is to be viewed as the intersection between Healthcare and Social Studies.

Community Nurse Resume Sample

Name: Amelia Cartwright
Address: 211 Kodiak Street, Anchorage, Alaska
Birth date: 18.09.1987
Marital Status: single
Driver's License: yes - 2005


In my opinion, the Community Nurse works to raise awareness and to improve the state of physical and mental health of the community she works for.


I am looking for a position as a Community Nurse, to continue my investigations concerning the best methods for efficiently implementing health care plans in diverse communities.


Meticulous and hard-working Community Nurse with highly developed analytical skills and an inclination for statistics seeks employment within your community healthcare center.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of community health nursing practice and theory;
  • Excellent skill in working effectively with heterogeneous populations of clients and diverse communities;
  • Inclination to working independently;
  • Full capacity of organizing different tasks and prioritizing;
  • Proficiency in planning and evaluating clinical programs;
  • Extensive knowledge of health related legislation on all levels.

Working Experience:

Community Nurse, 2008 - present
Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center, Alaska

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Providing assistance to different types of patients;
  • Organizing and implementing a multilevel healthcare plan for the neighborhood;
  • Constantly monitoring and recording the health state of patients at risk;
  • Providing extensive information on healthcare facilities and programs to those in need
  • Offering psychological comfort to the patients in need

Education and training:

Registered nurse examination - 2008
Associate of Science in Nursing, University of Alaska School of Nursing, Anchorage 2007

Areas of interest:

Healthcare Planning
Social Studies


References available upon request

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