Informatics Nurse Resume

Informatics Nurses are responsible for ensuring that the information flows correctly in the clinic and the work flow happens as scheduled. They work together with other departments and specialists in order to maintain effective work. Informatics Nurse has to ensure also that the clinic's communication devices and equipment are functional and used properly and effective. This nurse is responsible for providing with the correct format of information that has to be managed and directed in different clinical files and documents.

When writing your resume for the position of an Informatics Nurse, be sure that you mention your personal and professional skills and qualities that might recommend you for this job. You have to list your prior work experiences and the main duties and responsibilities that you performed there. Enumerate also all of your personal qualities, such as your broad computer skills, your knowledge of health system or your excellent ability to lead teams and coordinate meetings and internal communication.

Informatics Nurse Resume Sample

Personal details

Name: Simon Swift
Date of birth: 12.12.1977
Address: 75982 Tucson, Arizona
Phone: 311- 856- 9805
Marital status: married
Children: one


Looking for a position as an Informatics Nurse, as I want to use my skills for the growth of the reputed organization

Qualities and skills

  • Knowledge of clinical protocol
  • Experience in the health system
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Good coordinator
  • Great organizing and leading skills
  • Able to work independently or in team
  • Able to implement projects
  • Dynamic and responsible

Work experience

Informatics Nurse, 2007 to present
Golden Waves Health Center, Tucson, AZ

Duties and responsibilities

  • Maintained the records of the patients
  • Monitored the evaluation of the patients
  • Implemented health care projects
  • Maintained the correspondence and relationship with other clinics
  • Organized and coordinated seminars for training the staff.

Informatics Nurse, 2001 • 2007
Silver Candle Health Center, Tucson, AZ

Duties and responsibilities

  • Maintained the information systems
  • Ensured the safe and proper usage of the equipment
  • Developed new communication systems for the clinic
  • Attended at self-improving seminars
  • Managed the records of the clients
  • Periodically updated the database of the clinic


Bachelor`s Degree in Nursing, Village College, Tucson, AZ
Master`s Degree in Health Care Studies, Future University, Tucson, AZ


Certified Informatics Nurse, 2007, Future University, Tucson, AZ

Areas of interest

Health care, informatics, public relations


Simon Silverstone, 311- 342- 4763,
Michael Deer, 311- 462- 5804,
Stephanie Thrill, 311- 343- 7932,

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