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An Intake Nurse has the responsibility of obtaining all the necessary documents needed for registering a new patient, of documenting the medical-history of the patient and of deciding how severe his illness is and what medical services that patient will receive. The decisions taken by an Intake Nurse require nursing experience and sometimes a nursing bachelor's degree.

In order to be sure that your resume will be considered a professional one, it is deeply recommended to state only the relevant information about yourself. Hospital managers are looking for nurses with extensive knowledge of medical care programs, which will be able to identify correctly the nature of the patient's illness and to decide the type of medical services which he will receive.

Intake Nurse Resume Sample

Personal Details:

Name: Mary Allen
Birth date: 15.03.1967
Nationality: American
Driver's License: No


An Intake Nurse is required to document the medical-history of the patients and their current symptoms and to design care plan which is likely to be adopted. Intake Nurses have the responsibility of collecting the patients' personal information and providing assistance to the patients.


Looking for a job as an Intake Nurse in a hospital where I would be able to provide the patients with high quality medical services and use my experience for the benefit of the hospital.


I can correctly diagnose and monitor the patients and I have proven myself as being useful in collaborating with doctors and helping them to offer quality treatments to patients. I am a very hard-working person, experienced with nursing practices and able to work continually for many hours.

Qualities and skills:

  • Excellent knowledge of symptomatology and diseases
  • Capable of making important decisions in a fast matter
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability of processing correctly the patient's information
  • Capable of correctly evaluating the patients' health situation
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Work experience:

Intake Nurse, Second Chance Hospital, Miami, Florida, 1996-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Collecting the patients' personal information as well as their medical history and current symptoms
  • Organizing the diagnostic plans
  • Creating a possible curing plan
  • Helping the doctors monitor the patients
  • Informing patients and their relatives on various topics related to their medical situation and treatment


Bachelor's Degree of Science in Nursing, Miami University, Florida


Successfully planned and implemented the curing program based on the patients' medical-history and present situation
Helped doctors monitor the patients' medical condition
Provided the patients with useful advice

Areas of interest:

Primary Care
Public Health
Health Promotion


John Austen
Second Chance Hospital, Miami, Florida

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