IV Infusion Nurse Resume

IV Infusion Nurses usually work within a hospital, but some of them can offer home care services. They are in charge of administering medications directly into the patients' veins. They will monitor the patients' medical condition throughout their treatments and will take measures whenever a change in the medical situation imposes it.

Be particularly careful when writing your CV, as it represents the document which will make it possible for you to obtain an interview for the job you are interested in. Try to include every detail which can be relevant to the job you are applying to and maintain a clear and concise manner of presenting your personal details. Hospital managers will choose the candidates which are professional in applying special infusion techniques and which have in-depth knowledge of substances used for treating patients.

IV Infusion Nurse Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Isabel Mueller
Birth date: 11.11.1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


An IV Infusion Nurse's duty is to administer medicines directly into the patients' veins or by maintaining catheters in the arteries.


Looking for a job as an IV Infusion Nurse in a hospital specialized in offering professional medical care, in accordance with the newest medical measures of treatment and where I could be able to assist patients.


I have gained extensive knowledge as a nurse and I have successfully cooperated with doctors and provided quality medical care. I have extensive knowledge of fluids and medications used in infusion therapies and I can successfully verify whether the applied treatments were accepted in the desired way by the patients' bodies.

Qualities and skills

  • Proficient in applying IV therapy
  • Able to administer medications in the right dosage and in the correct combination, thus avoiding complications in the patients' medical status
  • Able to use the data related to the patients' health history for creating correct medical schemas
  • Capable of establishing an eased relationship with patients
  • Hard-working, objective-oriented

Work Experience

IV Infusion Nurse, New Generation Hospital, New York, 2001-2011
Duties and responsibilities

  • Offering professional infusion therapies
  • Administering medications following treatment plans
  • Supervising patients and modifying their treatment schemes depending upon the modifications in their medical condition
  • Reporting every change to doctors and applying their instructions
  • Participating to special nursing training programs organized by the hospital


Nursing Degree, New York Nursing Faculty, New York


Gained experience in the infusion field by observing patients, discussing their medical history and monitoring the changes brought by the applied treatments

Helped doctors gather information on the latest medicines

Gained ability to conduct health counseling

Areas of interest

Drug Interaction


Kate Simons
New Generation Hospital, New York

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