Midwife Nurse Resume

The Midwife Nurse is a nurse who has double specialization: she/he possesses nursing practice knowledge and midwife preparation. The Midwives Nurses may work independently or in hospitals. In either situations, they must work in collaboration with an Obstetrician or a Gynecologist. The Midwives Nurses work closely with women who are pregnant preparing them for the moment of the delivery. They assist and teach pregnant women during the pregnancy and offering them medical and emotional support. When the time comes, they assist only the healthy women who want to give birth at home or in a natural way. So, they can work in hospitals or at home where the patients want to have their babies. The Midwives Nurses are also responsible for the mothers and child's care after the delivery. They usually visit in hospital or at home the new-born children and their mothers and teach them how to take care of the infants. Taking into account the fact that they usually use natural birth techniques, they limit the utilization of medication. In case a delivery goes wrong, the Midwife Nurse must call a specialist which will help her/him deliver the baby.

Knowing that this sort of job requires special attention and a strong nursery preparation, you should possess a master's diploma in Nursery and a strong work experience as a Midwife Nurse. The ability to work under pressure and to react fast are a must for those who want to work in this domain of activity. The resume that follows is a smart example in this direction.

Sample Midwife Nurse Resume

Personal information:

Name: Bridget Stunt
Birth date: 13.09.1980
Address: South Alamo Street, San Diego, California
Nationality: American
E-mail: bridgetstunt@hmail.com
Driver's License: Yes


I believe that this sort of work requires a lot of responsibility and attention. My patients' lives are important and I must be able to teach the future mothers how to become good mothers.


Looking for a Midwife Nurse position in a hospital in San Diego.


Enthusiastic, energetic and responsible Midwife Nurse with excellent communication skills eager to be a part of your medical staff.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Open minded, responsible and focused
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Energetic and determined
  • Able to handle difficult situations

Work Experience:

Midwife Nurse at the General Hospital in San Diego (2008-present)

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Visit the patients at home and monitor their state
  • Organize group baby care training
  • Offer medical assistance during labor, delivery and postpartum period
  • Keep a strict record of the patients' health condition
  • Collaborate with the doctors

Education and training:

Master's diploma in Nursery at the University of California
Bachelor's diploma in Midwife Assistance at the University of California


Helped and delivered healthy infants

Areas of interest:

Midwife Nursery


References upon request

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