Nursing Informatics Resume

The Nursing Informatics is a registered nurse with excellent medical care knowledge along with computer and information analysis knowledge. She works in hospitals, medical centers which provide medical assistance. The Nursing Informatics' work is complex and requires the capacity to communicate in an efficient manner with the nursing staff and the technical support team members.

When a patient is hospitalized every detail about his health condition, treatments, medical history and medical background must be saved in the computer in the form of data. The Nursing Informatics takes this information and transmits it to the technical department that is going to store it and organize it in order to facilitate future access to such medical files.

The Nursing Informatics position also concerns the implementation of the technical systems that are going to support the data storage process. The nurses who work as Nursing Informatics must also know the use of these equipments in order to obtain the best results. The Nursing Informatics also includes the medical care methodologies and practices. The data collected by them helps the administrative representatives offer the best services to the patients.

The resume that you must prepare for the Nursing Informatics position should be well prepared and contain clear and concise information about the education and work experience that you possess in this domain. In the skills and qualifications section, you should focus on skills like excellent communication abilities and strong computer use and medical care knowledge. You should also talk about the main duties that you had to accomplish in your previous office.

Nursing Informatics Resume Sample

Personal information:

Name: Abigail Autumn
Date of Birth: august 9, 1980
Address: 1336 Timberbrook Lane
Greeley, CO 80634
Phone: 970-330-6202
Driver's License: Yes


A professional nurse looking for a Nursing Informatics post in a hospital where I can fully utilize my skills and knowledge for the best patient care and medical practices.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Patient, orderly and attentive to details
  • Excellent computer knowledge
  • Registered Nurse Certification
  • Team player

Work Experience:

Nursing Informatics at the Central Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland (2005-present)
Duties and responsibilities

  • Talk to the medical care team members and obtain information about the patients' condition and medical treatment
  • Analyze the data and transmit it to the technical department in order to organize it and store it
  • Evaluate the medical assistance performance
  • Collaborate with the patients and staff members

Education and training:

Administrative courses at the University of Maryland, 2005
Bachelor's diploma in Nursery at the University of Maryland, 2004


Done my job in a responsible manner

Areas of interest:

Clerical Support


References upon request

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