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The field of nursing has many areas for specialization and sub-specialization. One such area for sub-specialization is OB Nursing or obstetric nursing.As the term suggests, obstetrics means to 'stand by'. An OB nurse assists a gynecologist in the maternity ward. OB Nurse specializes in the care of pregnant women. One of their main duties is to keep the maternity ward running smoothly. She/he must see to it that the maternity ward is ready anytime in case if there is any emergency. An OB nurse is also responsible for looking after a newborn after the childbirth. An OB nurse is also called an OB-Gyn nurse.People who wish to apply for OB nurse can take the help of the below given resume sample.

A good resume should contain information on education previous work experience and skills. Use a simple and lucid language. Aspiring nurses should avoid any kind of unnecessary information while editing their own portfolio.

OB Nurse Resume Sample
This is the header section of your resume which will host your personal details.

Contact information

Name: Lauren Smith
Address: 3559 Edgewood Road
Memphis, TN 38115
Phone: 901-259-0021
E-mail: lauren.smith@gmail.com
Date of Birth date: May 18, 1977
Marital Status: Married
Children: Two
Driver's License: B category, 1997


(This section will highlight your career objective. You have to mention, what you expect from your career as an OB Nurse)

I am looking for a position as an OB Nurse because I want to use my medical and nursing experience as well as my communication skills for the use of the patients.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Able to work for long hours
  • Good medical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Enthusiastic
  • Calm
  • Selfless
  • Organized
  • Presentable
  • Optimistic

Work experience

Designation: OB Nurse
Name of the hospital: National Hospital of New York
Time period: 3 years (2005 to present)

Duties and responsibilities

  • Monitored progress of laboring mothers
  • Interpreted fetal heart monitor
  • Prepared mothers for elective Cesarean Section
  • Assisting physician in administering care during labor
  • Performing immediate post-delivery care of mother and infant
  • Performing post-partum care and provide patient education to mother

    Skills and Qualifications

    (In this section you have to highlight your professional skills and expertise. An OB Nurse resume can highlight the skills given below)

    • Able to work for long hours
    • Good medical skills
    • Good Communication skills
    • Keen and Positive attitude
    • Enthusiastic nature
    • Knowledge in effective use of medical tools
    • Calm and patient nature
    • Skilled in undertaking stress-buster sessions
    • Trained in induction and labor sessions
    • Trained in conducting antenatal records and fetal assessments
    • Well trained in pre-natal and post-natal care

    Additional qualifications:

    (Any additional course that you have done in relevance to the field that you are applying is always beneficial. So give details of that in this section.)

    • Completed an advanced course in nursing degree
    • Attended a ten day workshop which trained us in first, second, and third trimester.
    • Attended a six days workshop which trained us in dealing with patients suffering from hypertension and HELLP syndrome.


    A Masterís Degree in Nursing Yale University, 2005
    A Bachelorís Degree in Medicine, Harvard University, 2003

    Areas of Interest

    (Here, in this section you can highlight your areas of interest, which may or may not have relevance to the field you are applying for)

    • Interested in medicine
    • Interest in researching about various areas of nursing
    • Interested in literature.


    References will be given at request

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