Private Duty Nurse Resume

A Private Duty Nurse offers home medical care to patients. He/She has to administer drugs, to inject the prescribed medicine, to make sure that the patient respects the recommended diet and to monitor his medical condition. The nurse will be sometimes confronted with grave situations, as an aggravation in the patient's medical situation can occur anytime. So, he/she will have to make decisions very fast and to intervene with the right medication for establishing a stable medical condition. The nurse cooperates with doctors and reports to them the evolution of the patients' medical status. Thus, the analysis performed by a Private Duty Nurse with the purpose of establishing a possible diagnoses needs to be professionally made. Private Duty Nurses need to have a nursing degree and to be experienced in this job.

Make sure that you include in your CV only information related to this domain and to the job you are applying to. Patients and their families need to be sure that you will be of use to them. Explain everything in a clear and concise manner, avoid entering too much into details and insist on your experience and achievements. In order to obtain this job, you need to have experience, good references and knowledge of medications, diseases and possible symptoms.

Private Duty Nurse Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Kristine Simons
Birth date: 03.07.1980
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


A Private Duty Nurse offers home medical caring services to patients. These involve administering drugs in accordance to the doctors' indications, injecting medicines, blood and blood-related products and informing doctors periodically on the patient's medical status.


Looking out for a job as a Private Duty Nurse for a patient who needs medical caring services at home. I am willing to assist the patient with everything that is necessary in order improve his medical situation and to obtain the desired result of the treatment plan.


I have worked for five years as a Private Duty Nurse for a patient who was recovering after a severe accident. I have closely cooperated with doctors throughout this time and we managed to design a treatment plan which we have altered periodically depending upon the evolution of the patient, until the patient was fully recovered.

Qualities and skills

  • Detailed knowledge of nursing therapies
  • Able to identify the disease by analyzing the symptoms and connecting them to the patients' previous medical situations
  • Great communicating skills
  • Thorough knowledge of pharmacology
  • Hard-working and able to cope with stressful situations

Work Experience

Private Duty Nurse, Mr. John Watkins Jr., New York, 2005-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Administering medications and injections
  • Analyzing the patient's symptoms and reporting everything to doctors
  • Creating a suitable treatment plan with the doctors' aid
  • Creating a diet plan in accordance to the patient's medical condition
  • Documenting every change in the medical status of the patient


Nursing Degree, New York Nursing Faculty, New York


Gained excellent knowledge of nursing practices
Gathered In-depth knowledge of pharmacology and symptomatology
I am now able to make correct decisions when major problems appear, such as an aggravation of the patient's health status

Areas of interest

Primary Care


Michael Irving
Mr. John Watkins Jr., New York

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