Telephone Triage Nurse Resume

Telephone Triage Nurses are in charge of answering telephones from persons demanding medical advice. They listen to patients as they try to describe their symptoms and, using the information, determines the type of medical care required and the first aid measures which have to be taken by the patient in case of a very grave situation, which threatens the patients' and tries to explain everything to them. They have to deal with persons who are in difficult situations and it can be very hard to communicate with them and to determine them to follow some steps. Moreover, they will deal with persons having no medical background and who may not offer all the necessary information. They have to be able to ask relevant questions and discover the illness. Thus, it is paramount for a Telephone Triage Nurse to possess communicating skills and to be able to calm patients.

You need to include everything which is related to your previous experience and education. Your CV should contain only data which is relevant to the type of work you are seeking. Employers want to see that you want to obtain the job you are applying for because you are the right person and you possess the skills and abilities required for this job. Therefore, do not include in your resume general information about yourself, but be specific. For this job, managers are looking for communicative and attentive persons, who are good listeners and who can take decisions fast.

Telephone Triage Nurse Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Eliza Newman
Birth date: 09.05.1982
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


A Telephone Triage Nurse answers to telephones from persons having medical problems and assists them through the telephone. They listen carefully to the details concerning the patients' diseases and to their presentation of symptoms and using this information decides to direct them to a special medical department.


Seeking a job as a Telephone Triage Nurse in a reputed hospital where I could use my knowledge of primary care for assisting patients.


I have worked as a Telephone Triage Nurse for nearly 10 years and I am able to successfully assess the patients' symptoms and to indicate the type of medical care needed. I consider myself fit for filling this job because I know how to determine the disease based on the symptomatology and I have excellent verbal communicating skills.

Qualities and skills

  • Excellent listener
  • Able to identify the type of medical services needed based on the symptoms, medical history and current treatment plans of patients
  • Great communicating skills
  • Detailed knowledge of pathology and symptomatology
  • Calm and efficient

Work Experience

Telephone Triage Nurse, Life Benefit Healthcare Institution, Los Angeles, California, 2002-2011
Duties and responsibilities

  • Providing advice to patients through the telephone
  • Appraising patients' medical condition and determining the type of medical care needed
  • Determining as many details about the illness as possible by asking patients suitable questions
  • Participating to special training programs
  • Documenting the office's work


Nursing Degree, Los Angeles Nursing Faculty, Los Angeles, California


Excellent ability of assisting patients through telephone
Experience as a Telephone Triage Nurse
Detailed knowledge of medications and disease identification

Areas of interest

Primary Care


Michael Irving
Life Benefit Healthcare Institution, Los Angeles, California

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