AutoCAD operator Resume

An AutoCAD operator is an architect that is responsible for the construction drawings. His job is to provide qualitative drawings to the executive company, drawings that are based on the business plan and also on the clients' demands. He also has to meet the deadlines and check at the end of the project if all the calculations are correct. At the end of the project, he is also in charge of talking to the project manager to see if there are any modifications that have to be made in order to complete the project.

Writing a resume is not just a long listing of the skills, but the first step to the desired job. You have to talk about your previous experience, to give examples of your abilities, such as communication skills, ability to meet deadlines and others that you think are useful for the job you want to apply to. Put yourself in the shoes of the employer and think about how your resume would impact him. This is the easiest way to see if you need to add more or to change something in your resume.

Sample AutoCAD operator Resume

Personal Details

Name: Antony Hopkins
Birth date: 09.11.1985
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Single
Driver's License: Yes


The AutoCAD operator is the person that has to provide architectural drawings using the AutoCAD software. He also has to know every part of the program in order to provide qualitative drawings.


Looking for an AutoCAD operator position. It is my objective to help the company evolve, and also to provide good architectural drawings for the constructors.


Dynamic and details oriented person, I have the ability to work for many hours without losing focus. I am also able to work under stress and to meet deadlines. I love to draw and I also have a big portfolio of architectural drawings.

Qualities and Skills

  • Details oriented
  • Drawing skill
  • AutoCAD knowledge
  • Communicative person

Work Experience

AutoCAD operator at Delenica Company, 2009-2010
Duties and responsibilities

  • Maintain the project schedule, by finishing in time the drawings
  • Provided quality drawings that are meant to increase the profit
  • Worked together with the project manager in order to establish the modifications that were needed
  • Studied the plans and requirements made by the architect or the engineer and transposed them into CAD drawings


Degree in Architecture at the University of Arts and Architecture
AutoCAD training classes, at Eurocad School


  • Designed the biggest block of flats in the city
  • Obtained great results regarding the resistance of the constructions
Areas of interest


James Zafrony,
Delenica Company, Los Angeles

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