Crane Operator Resume

A Crane Operator is in charge of setting up his machine and manipulates it in order to hoist position and/or transport materials, like equipment, machinery, along with other products necessary for construction. They have to operate traveling or stationary cranes (cab- or ground-controlled) for lifting, moving and positioning loads by using hooks, slings, buckets and electromagnets. They also are in charge of cleaning and maintaining the crane and the hoisting mechanism.

After you have finished writing your resume, it is highly recommended that you read it again at least twice, in order to be certain that all the relevant information has been included. In this particular case, managers that are in charge of hiring a Crane Operator are looking for those candidates that have good skills in maneuvering cranes and have solid knowledge regarding how to operate such machinery. They also value those that can ensure the efficiency of the cranes and are capable of maintaining the mechanical components in good shape.

Sample Crane Operator Resume

Personal Details:

Name: Edward T. Alexander
Birth date: 06.09.1965
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


A Crane Operator is in charge of operating different types of cranes on various construction sites. They have to coordinate with co-workers for guaranteeing a high level of efficiency during crane operations.


My goal is to fill the job opening of a Crane Operator for a company where hard and consistent work is appreciated and where I can expand my professional horizon.


I am a hard working person with great attention to detail, with excellent skills as far as handling cranes is concerned and I possess skills required to be a team player that will allow me to conduct my work in an efficient matter, with the help of my co-workers.

Qualities and Skills:

  • Extensive working experience in a construction and industrial environment
  • Excellent knowledge of electronics and mechanics
  • Fully capable of working as part of a team, taking directions from supervisions and working effectively with other people
  • Good at analyzing, adjusting and performing minor repairs on crane-related equipments
  • Solid physical force to push, lift, pull and hold tools and equipment

Work Experience:

Crane Operator at Estate Development Services, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1995-2011
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Operating hydraulic and friction cranes, as well as industrial tractors for transporting materials
  • Excavating, loading and moving dirt, gravel and other types of materials
  • Identifying the defective parts and malfunctions of the crane, conducting troubleshooting
  • Performing valve, pump and piping modifications, as and when necessary
  • Modifying cranes for improving operations during construction


Successful helped with the development of more than 20 industrial buildings
Efficiently lead a team of 20 workers and provided necessary training
Guaranteed a smooth and efficient working state of all cranes

Areas of interest:

Estate development


Victor Stewart
Estate Development Services, Las Vegas, Nevada

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