Extruder Operator Resume

An Extruder Operator has to set up and operate an extrusion press in order to shape hot billets into products, like bars, structural shapes, tubing, as well as rods. They also are in charge of installing dies, containers, mandrel, press tools, heating coils, extrusion heads, along with run-out bridging in press, in accordance to the type and size of the product by using specific tools. Some employees also have to record data, like crew time, items processed and number of billets used.

We highly recommend that you double check your CV once you have finished writing it so that you can be certain that all the relevant information has been included. The person in charge of hiring a new employee will be definitely interested to find out your skills and abilities, along with a couple of details about where you have worked before. In this particular case, the manager that looks over the resumes, values those candidates have experience as an extruder operator, preferably in a warehouse environment, and they also appreciate those that have strong abilities as far as using hand tools, die gauges, scrapers, screwdrivers, wrenches and tape measures.

Extruder Operator Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Martin Watson
Birth date: 03.10.1965
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


An Extruder Operator is in charge of setting up and operation various extruder machines and he/she also has to perform quality control tasks, including peel testing and caliper measurements.


Looking for a job opening as an Extruder Operator, in a company which can provide an immediate challenge, along with advancement and career opportunities


I am an ambitious and goal-oriented person, with extensive experience in this domain, fully capable of utilizing various hand tools and well aware of the mandatory safety procedures that must be followed.

Qualities and skills

  • More than 15 years of experience operating extruder with computerized interface controls
  • Proficient in operating shakers, spin dryers and slurry water tanks
  • Capable of reading production plans, blueprints and schematics
  • Efficient in managing multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Willing to work independently, but also as part of a team

Work Experience

Extruder Operator at SLS Manufacturing Services, Des Moines, Iowa, 1995-2011
Duties and responsibilities

  • Operating the extruder machinery, drawing out rods and tubes
  • Measuring the produced articles, cutting them as per weight, height and length specifications
  • Setting up the heating coils, dies, press tools, along with other hand tools within the machinery
  • Placing the suitable heated billet from the furnace along the extrusion press bed


Associate Degree in Mechanical Sciences, Iowa State University, Iowa


Learned how to feed the extrusion machine by mixing various thermoplastic materials and pigments
Trained a team of five employees on various equipment, like extruder and mixers
Gained vast expertise in using a wide array of extruder machinery, for plastics, PVCs and other materials

Areas of interest



Abraham T. Gustafson
SLS Manufacturing Services, Des Moines, Iowa

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