Electrical Maintenance Supervisor Resume

The Electrical Maintenance Supervisor is a person who may work in a large variety of settings from schools and hospitals to companies and agencies buildings. They are responsible for the electrical system maintenance. The Electrical Maintenance Supervisors install electrical systems and maintain their functioning. This includes wires installation, appliances and other electrical equipment. They must periodically check the electrical systems and repair it in case of need. All the buildings need the Electrical Maintenance Supervisors' permission to function; therefore they have the responsibility to decide whether a building respects all the electrical safety regulations. In case a malfunction appears, the Electrical Maintenance Supervisors must repair it and take all the necessary actions to keep everybody safe.

If you want to obtain this position, you should highlight the skills that you possess like excellent electrical installation and maintenance safety regulations and a strong knowledge of the electrical devices functioning. A prior work experience as an Electrical Maintenance Supervisor is also a great advantage. In the following lines we offer you an example of a CV that could help you write your own resume.

Electrical Maintenance Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal information

Name: Alan Farm
Birth date: 21.06.1980
Address: Lancaster Street, New York
E-mail: farmalan@hmail.com
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Driver's License: Yes


I have a huge responsibility because I must make sure that all the electrical devices are working properly. I am also responsible for the installation of the electrical systems in safe conditions.


Seeking for an Electrical Maintenance Supervisor position in a facility in New York where I can use my skills and knowledge for the best functioning of the electrical equipment.


I am a hard working and responsible Electrical Maintenance Supervisor with five years work experience in this domain eager to be a part of your team.

Skills and qualifications

  • Hard working and responsible
  • Attentive to details and multitasking capacity
  • Focused and problem-solver
  • Excellent electrical engineering knowledge

Work experience

Electrical Maintenance Supervisor at the St. Andrew Hospital in New York (2006-present)
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Prepare the electrical equipment
  • Check the electrical system and solve the possible malfunctions
  • Install new electrical systems
  • Respect the safety regulations
  • Run periodical checks and give a functioning permit
  • Keep a paperwork related to the electrical system's maintenance and functioning

Education and training

Bachelor's diploma in Electrical Engineering at the University of New York
Electrical Maintenance training at the St. Andrew Hospital in New York


Always fulfilled my duties in a conscientious manner

Areas of interest

Electrical Engineering


References upon request

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