Electrician Supervisor Resume

The Electrician Supervisor is a person who works for construction companies or other institutions where there are being performed large construction works. The Electrician Supervisors are responsible for overseeing the electrical team work in their daily tasks such as installing, maintaining or repairing electrical systems. They have multiple tasks depending on the place where they work. They select and train new team members and, at the same time, they evaluate the electricians' activity and make sure that everything goes as planned. The Electrician Supervisors insure that all the safety regulations are being respected and that the employees are working in safe conditions. When the construction is over, they inspect and make sure that all the electrical safety regulations were respected and that the building can function properly and safely. They usually collaborate with project managers and prepare an estimation of the materials' costs. Alongside these responsibilities, they oversee the materials acquisition, storage and proper use. The Electrician Supervisors have to maintain a strict record of the daily activities and the workers' performance.

If you want to have a good resume that is going to help you obtain the Electrician Supervisor position, make sure that you point out the qualities that make you suitable for the position. These may include an exceptional organizational capacity and the ability to work with and lead a team. Due to the nature of the job, excellent communication abilities are a must. Taking into consideration the fact that the Electrician Supervisors are responsible for the team's work, they must have strong knowledge in electrical engineering and in the use of electrical equipment. A prior work experience in this domain of activity is also an advantage.

Electrician Supervisor Resume Sample

Personal information

Name: Gabriel Burn
Birth date: 16.09.1980
Address: Irvington Street, Indianapolis
E-mail: burngabe@hmail.com
Nationality: American
Driver's License: Yes


As an Electrician Supervisor not only that I have to make sure that all the workers do their job in a proper manner, but I also have to insure that they are working in safe conditions and get a good training.


Looking for an Electrician Supervisor position in a construction company where I can utilize my knowledge for the best running of the electrical team's work.


I am an enthusiastic, energetic and responsible Electrician Supervisor looking forward to be a part of your team.

Skills and qualifications

  • Orderly, calm and responsible
  • Hard working and focused
  • Excellent leading abilities
  • Able to work as part of a team

Work experience

Electrician Supervisor at Fast Constructions in Indianapolis (2005-present)
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Select and train new team members
  • Evaluate the team's activity
  • Oversee the daily activities and help the workers in case of need
  • Prepare a report about the materials costs
  • Oversee the materials acquisition and their proper utilization
  • Make sure that all the activities take place according to the safety regulations

Education and training

Bachelor's diploma in Electrical Engineering at the University of Indianapolis
Electrical Supervisor training at Fast Constructions in Indianapolis


Always managed to accomplish my duties in a proper manner

Areas of interest

Electrical Engineering


References upon request

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