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In these days, in almost every house we can find a computer connected to the Internet. Both computers and the internet are very useful technological inventions that help us in many ways. Even if we use them everyday, sometimes it happens that we do not know how to use certain components or software or we use them in a wrong way and even damage them. If we have a problem like this or a similar one we can go to a professional or to the Information Technology Support Company's department, which belongs to the respective component or software. The Information Technology Support has the responsibility to provide assistance, help and guidance for the company's customers regarding any IT issues they might have. Among his responsibilities, he has to install new technical equipment, troubleshoot any hardware or software issues, diagnosing and repairing broken components. If any person wants to work on this particular position, one must have a degree in this field. Some training courses to improve skills and knowledge's constitute a big bonus. With no doubt, it's an excellent paid job, but the effort is high, too.

When creating an Information Technology Support Resume you should emphasize your qualities and skills that suite with this job and some personal thoughts about this specific position. Also, you should add your work experience. Education in this field is a must and you have to mention all your degrees and training courses that you attended. A big bonus will constitute the letters of recommendation from your previous employer.

Information Technology Support Resume Sample

Contact information

Name: Allan Noel
Address: Pineapple Street, no. 6, Paris
Phone Number: (591) 845 - 2478
Birth date: 16.12.1982
Marital Status: Married
Children: One
Driver's License: Yes, B category, 2007


The Information Technology Support has the duty to provide help and assistance for the company's customers regarding any IT issues they might have. He must be familiar with both parts of the computer, hardware and software, so he can effectively detect where the problem is, what is broken and what needs to be done.


Looking for a position as an Information Technology Support because I have experience in this domain.


I am a reliable person, with a degree in Computer Science and strong IT knowledge developed through many training courses.

Qualities and Skills

  • Proficient in computer and software use
  • Extremely good and proficient in various programming types
  • Strong organization skill
  • Familiar with all operating systems
  • Strong knowledge about computer hardware and software
  • Strong knowledge in IT domain
  • Technological skills
  • Time management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Patient, devoted and committed
Work experience

Information Technology Support at Microsoft Company,
Paris, 2005 - 2011

Duties and responsibilities

  • Providing help and assistance for the company's customers regarding any IT issues they might have
  • Installing new technical equipment
  • Troubleshooting any hardware or software issues
  • Testing and analyzing new programs and components
  • Fixing any IT problem that occurred
  • Provided technical support in various forms, to company customers, over the phone, fax, email and remote connection
  • Provided information on various products
  • Establishing a good relation with the company's customers

Bachelor's Degree in IT and Computer Science Paris College


Paul Grand,
Human Resources Director
Microsoft Company, Paris

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