Carpet Cleaning Technician Resume

A carpet cleaning technician is in charge of cleaning carpets. The carpet technician must know about different carpet fibers and how each carpet and the type of material it's made out of reacts to the chemicals. Usually carpet cleaning technicians work for small businesses that provide cleaning services. To work in this domain one must have excellent interpersonal skills and some knowledge on how to clean carpets. Intensive physical activity will be performed so it's advisable to be prepared to lift carpets and cleaning equipment. This work line is not for the weak. Carpet cleaning technician must be well aware of their strength and be ready to perform some heavy lifting and intensive activities.

When you are creating your resume make sure you have all your data up to date. A well-organized resume should start off with your contact information. It is also very important to point out your skills and abilities. This will offer your future employer a better perspective on your professional qualifications. The section where you mention your education you should also list your courses or any training programs you have attended. This will improve your chances. As far as your experience goes, here you must write down your previous jobs and what tasks you performed there. Make sure each fact is true and precise because the employer can always verify your statements. Also keep in mind that the resume below is only a sample.

Carpet Cleaning Technician Resume Sample

Contact information

Name: Christian Memphis
Birth date: 17.08.1963
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married
Children: Four children
Driver's License: Yes


A Carpet Cleaning Technician is a professional who deals with the cleaning process of carpets.


I am looking for a position as a carpet cleaning technician where I can help improve and make sure each item is according to the company's cleaning standards.


I am very diligent, capable and I posses excellent physical condition. I want to be a part of your company to help increase the gains and profits, as well as its reputation on the market.

Skills and qualifications

  • Solid knowledge of carpet fibers and materials
  • Experienced in dealing with cleaning equipment
  • Well aware of the safety rules and policies
  • Very diligent
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Driven and focused to complete my tasks

Work experience

Carpet Cleaning Technician, January 2008 Present
Magic Rugs, Phoenix
Duties and responsibilities

  • Performed carpet cleaning duties
  • Offered cleaning services to potential clients
  • Moved furniture and heavy equipment where needed
  • Managed the payment services to customers
  • Informed clients about future sales or promotions


Associate Degree in Engineering, Hut Community College, Phoenix
Certified courses in the Cleaning Industry


Managed to overcome various professional difficulties

Areas of interest



References available upon request

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