EKG Technician Resume

The EKG Technician is responsible for performing tests on EKG equipment for patients with heart problems. These technicians have to examine the patient with chest pains and to attach the EKG machine to the chest of the patient. During the procedure, the machine prints the result of the examination that the technician handles for the cardiologist. EKG technicians usually work in hospitals or clinics, together with other specialists. If the technician improves his knowledge in this field, he may execute other related tests and examinations too, such as the Holter monitoring.

When writing your resume for the position of an EKG technician you have to mention your work experiences and your duties and responsibilities that you performed there. You should also enumerate your personal qualities too, such as your broad knowledge and experience in this field, your ability to work with patients, your excellent communication and interpersonal skills or your ability to use different equipments. Mention every personal and professional detail about yourself that might recommend you for this position.

EKG Technician Resume Sample

Personal Details:

Name: Simon Swift
Date of birth: 12.12.1977
Address: 75982 Tucson, Arizona
Phone: 311- 856- 9805
E-mail: simonswift@mails.com
Marital status: married
Children: one


Looking for a position as an EKG Technician, so as to utilize my skills

Qualities and skills:

  • Able to handle EKG equipment
  • Excellent ability to work with patients of any ages
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Able to diagnose health problems
  • Responsible and punctual
  • Attentive to details and accurate
  • Dynamic and open minded

Work Experience:

EKG Technician, 2008 to present
Clear Vibes Clinic, Tucson, AZ
Duties and responsibilities

  • Performed EKG tests on patients
  • Maintained the equipment and the tools used
  • Maintained the record of the patients
  • Ensure the agreeable environment for the patients
  • Ensured the comfort of patients during a test

EKG Technician Assistant, 2003 - 2008
Saint Martin Hospital, Tucson, AZ
Duties and responsibilities

  • Prepared the equipment before use
  • Welcomed patients to the clinic
  • Maintained the record of the patients
  • Assisted the technician during a test
  • Ensured the sterile and clean environment and equipment.


Bachelor`s Degree in Social Work, St. George College, Tucson, AZ
Master`s Degree in Healthcare, State University, Tucson, AZ


Certified EKG Technician

Areas of interest:

Sociology, healthcare, cardiology


Available upon request

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