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The ER (Emergency Room) Technician is an individual who work in hospitals or medical care facilities in the emergency room where he/she assists the nurses and the doctors in providing medical care to the patients. The ER Technicians may have a large range of duties according to the facility where they work. They must prepare the patients for checkups in which case they may have to weigh the patients, check their temperature or monitor their heart beats. They also have to assist the doctors with the technical care during medical consultations. This includes performing electrocardiograms, administrating CPR procedures, IV starts or catheterization procedures. They are also responsible for the patients' transportation to other departments and making sure that they are safe. In case of minor injuries, the ER Technicians may provide wound care and perform suturing procedures. They must periodically check the medical equipment and make sure that all functions properly. The ER Technicians keep the medical equipment sterile and keep the emergency room clean and ready to receive new patients. In some cases, they are responsible for the supplies storage and maintenance. They work under the nurses and doctors' supervision and follow their instructions.

In case you want to work as an ER Technician, you should prepare a good resume that will include a strong reason why you are fit for the job. There should also be included the skills that recommend you for the position like strong communication skills, multi-tasking abilities and the capacity to work under a lot of pressure. A prior work experience in this domain of activity is a great advantage therefore you should describe the main responsibilities that you had to perform. Make sure that the information is correct and honest.

ER Technician Resume Sample

Personal information

Name: Bridget Jonas
Birth date: 31.12.1980
Address: London Street, Cleveland, Ohio
Driver's License: Yes


Looking for an ER Technician position in a hospital where I can use my skills and qualifications in order to offer good services to all the patients.

Skills and qualifications

  • Responsible, hard working and focused
  • Love to work with people and help them
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and in write
  • Multitasking and problem solver
  • Good medical terminology knowledge

Work experience

ER Technician at the St. Andrew Hospital in Cleveland (2006-present)
Duties and responsibilities:

  • Sterilize and prepare the medical equipment for consultations
  • Keep the ER clean
  • Offer preconsultation services to the patients (weigh them, take their temperature, monitor their vital signs)
  • Assist the doctors during consultation
  • Do CPR procedures in case of need
  • Help transporting the patients to other units

Education and training

Bachelor's diploma in Medical Technology at the University of Ohio
ER medical care certification


Always accomplished my duties in a quality manner

Areas of interest

Medical Technology


References upon request

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